What is form-U-net™?  

The form-U-net program brings the functionality of the legacy FUS products into a web-based service. This powerful tool includes the existing formulation features of FUS paired with the added flexibility of access to form-U-net from mobile devices with an active internet connection. 

With the announcement of this web-based formulation option in the fall of 2014, additional licenses to the legacy FUS products will no longer be sold. Additionally, support for all FUS products will be discontinued after 12/31/2015.

Frequently Asked Questions

form-U-net Informational Webinar

The following link accesses recordings from our live webinars held in early December 2014. During these webinars, panelists Dave Craft, Bruce Barrett and Ryan Barbee provided an overview of the form-U-net and Agvance Blending programs as well as the FUS sunset policy and transition options. For additional information, contact SSI.

View the recorded webinar here

form-U-net Customer Service?  

The SSI staff works to ensure your software investment is maximized as they guide you through the form-U-net setup process.  Any user with an active form-U-net subscription will enjoy on-going customer support which includes a responsive helpdesk, a variety of training opportunities, and periodic program updates.

What is the status of Form-U-Share (FUS)?  

Form-U-Share is a formulation tool that calculates dry and liquid custom blends. As noted above, this legacy product is no longer sold but will be supported through 12/31/2015. After 12/31/2015 SSI will no longer assist with issues related to FUS products.

Support Links

SSI Remote Support - GTA

SSI Remote Support - TeamViewer

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