Accounts Receivable

Organized and Efficient A/R Management

Agvance creates accurate, up-to-date information regarding your customer’s account as a bi-product of invoicing and taking payments. More importantly, it provides immediate access to this valuable data when it’s needed most.

Features & Benefits

  • Combination statements can include prepay bookings, grain settlements and grain inventories
  • Prepay and unapplied cash balances are tracked separately to provide a clearer picture of AR status
  • Access quick customer view of AR balances, credit information and invoicing/payment activity
  • Customer payments can be applied to specific unpaid invoices or outstanding balances
  • Automated payment solution enables customers to pay by credit or debit card
  • Finance charge rates are optional and can be set on a customer by customer basis
  • Executive Dashboard provides view of AR and credit status for the entire company or specific location
  • Agvance CRM enables automated document delivery of invoices and statements via email or MyFarmRecords.Net

Other Agvance Accounting Features


Quickly generate clear, easy-to-read invoices while handling line item splits, individual pricing, prepay and discount programs.

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Inventory Control

Tracking inventory is critical to managing your business effectively.

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Prepay Management

Accurate tracking of prepay and booked product is critical to most ag retailers.

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Sales Reporting

Agvance gives you numerous ways to view sales activity.

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Credit Management

Agvance provides the tools and reports to increase your credit control so you can more easily manage your customers' credit.

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Agvance automates the payroll process and makes quick work of all your reporting needs.

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Accounts Payable

Agvance streamlines the procurement process by using integration to capture key information during each step.

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General Ledger

Agvance automates all GL posting steps as transactions occur.

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