Credit Management

Reduce Risks and Improve Cash Flow

Agvance provides the tools and reports to increase your credit control so you can more easily manage your customers' credit. It enables you to closely monitor customer balances and alerts you to potential credit risks.

Features & Benefits

  • Credit limit warnings keep customers from charging past the secured balance
  • Credit checking is available at all point-of-sale areas in Agvance
  • Credit checking can communicate both available credit status and when limits are exceeded
  • Credit reporting will help monitor accounts that are over limit or nearing established credit limits
  • Lines of credit ensure a customer does not purchase beyond an approved amount from their lender
  • Credit actions will help you follow-up on customer commitments
  • Automated customer credit letters can be generated to save time with your delinquent accounts
  • Credit history provides activity over limit, highest amount of credit, and average days to pay
  • Preferences enable you to set the limits and controls that fit your organization's credit policies

Other Agvance Accounting Features


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