Sales Reporting

Automated and Industry Specific

Agvance gives you numerous ways to view sales activity. Whether the need is to analyze operational profitability, comply with industry regulations, or fulfill product rebate requirements, Agvance can deliver the information when and how you need it.

Features & Benefits

  • Quickly view your top customers in terms of gross sales or net profit
  • Track acres applied by equipment or staff to view revenue each is bringing to the company
  • Flexible commission reports let you easily compile sales information to compensate your sales staff
  • Organize multiple states, counties and other taxing entities to streamline sales tax reporting
  • Tonnage tax reports designed to satisfy specific requirements of the states you do business in
  • State restricted use reporting to allow you immediate access to this often audited information
  • Industry standard and/or supported sales exports can expedite required sales reporting
  • Agvance Agent automates reports and posting functions by allowing these functions to occur at a predetermined times with no staff input necessary

Other Agvance Accounting Features


Quickly generate clear, easy-to-read invoices while handling line item splits, individual pricing, prepay and discount programs.

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Inventory Control

Tracking inventory is critical to managing your business effectively.

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Prepay Management

Accurate tracking of prepay and booked product is critical to most ag retailers.

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Accounts Receivable

Gain control of your accounts receivable while providing your customers with timely options for viewing their account activity.

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Credit Management

Agvance provides the tools and reports to increase your credit control so you can more easily manage your customers' credit.

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Agvance automates the payroll process and makes quick work of all your reporting needs.

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Accounts Payable

Agvance streamlines the procurement process by using integration to capture key information during each step.

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General Ledger

Agvance automates all GL posting steps as transactions occur.

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