Agvance Blending


Agvance Blending can access field plans or quotes and turn them into detailed work orders. Besides formulating dry, liquid, and suspension blends, this flexible program will generate blend tickets, custom application sheets, 'haz-mat' documents, and will optionally interface to several automated blending systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Formulates and generates blends by analysis or direct product request
  • Optimizes by least cost based on dealer cost or selling price
  • Calculates salt out temperatures and net temperature change
  • Calculates dry, liquid, suspension, chemical blends, and preset feed rations
  • Gives access to pricing, quotes, costs, terms, and split-billing arrangements
  • Record detailed application history (product rates, crop, acres, weather conditions, target pests)
  • Sets minimum and maximum limits for the amount of nutrient to be used from a given product
  • Creates blend ticket with scale stops and number of batches
  • Print custom application sheet with map and all necessary record-keeping requirements
  • Interfaces with blending systems from Ranco, Junge, Yargus, Kahler, and Murray (call for details)
  • Use in conjunction with Agvance Dispatch to schedule, route and track custom application jobs