Agvance Mapping


Agvance Mapping brings GIS analysis and site specific mapping to a simple and practical level for ag retailers. Easily generate industry files to facilitate precision ag applications while integrating the use of customer field maps throughout your entire operation.

Features & Benefits

  • Powerful, intuitive mapping interface expedites creation of boundaries and related map layers
  • Dockable windows enable users to easily pin legends and working windows to free up work area
  • Customizable surface maps and thematic layers can be automatically generated from spatial data
  • Import harvest and as-applied data for analysis and to influence future recommendations
  • Export field operation files using industry supported formats including Shapefiles and FODM
  • Imagery and streets data (roads, railroads, towns, etc.) can be viewed and/or printed with maps
  • Job reports and map exports for various application controllers
  • Import soil tests and recs for specific labs and/or in industry supported formats
  • View and/or print maps in several other areas of Agvance including Blending, Planning & Dispatch
  • Generate grower books that include soil types, test levels, surface maps, yield maps and as-applied data with several flexible printing options