Agvance Planning


Agvance Planning enables users to generate nutrient recommendations, formulate product blends and lock-in quotes for field-level crop plans. Creating plans provides better forecasting and a more efficient sales process when the season hits as plans can be quickly turned into work orders ready to be filled.

Features & Benefits

  • Generate nutrient recommendations based on soil tests, crop and yield goals
  • Recommendations generated by field average, zone average and sample by sample
  • Nutrient goals and crop removal levels can be customized by the user
  • Unlimited number of crops and soil types can be defined and profiled
  • Professional looking recommendation reports with graphic display of nutrient levels
  • Recommendations can be used in the Mapping module to create contoured VRT maps
  • Planning area turns nutrient recommendations into detailed product recommendations
  • Formulates product needs based on desired analysis and user product preferences
  • Generates detailed sales quotes with product totals, rates, prices, and customer split info
  • Calculates field profitability, break-even analysis, cost per acre, and cost per bushel
  • Create chemical program templates and quickly replicate into actual field plans
  • Combine multiple plans into formal 'booking' for prepay products in Agvance Accounting
  • Field plans can be accessed in the Agvance Blending module and turned into work orders
  • Archive several years of field history and crop records for quick access