Agvance Energy


Agvance Energy can streamline your energy work flow from taking the product order to analyzing the final results of your efforts. Integrating these processes will enable you to more closely monitor inventory, improve cash flow and free up valuable time.

Features & Benefits

  • Streamline work flow from order placement and product delivery to invoice and payment processing
  • Automatically recognize and process budget billing customers and/or those with prepaid contracts
  • Notify drivers of ‘Will Call’ and maintenance orders via e-mail or text message
  • Add Mobile Energy for your drivers for total integration from truck register to final results
  • Keep complete tank histories for concise and accurate reporting
  • Use Heating Degree Days and K-Factor to predict customer needs
  • Reduce credit risks by checking a customer’s credit status prior to  accepting an order
  • Email invoices and product delivery information to your customers instantly
  • Monitor sales and AR activity and financial results by inventory category, profit center, or location
  • Quickly generate tank rental/lease payment invoices
  • Utilize integrated mapping tool to dispatch and route deliveries in a logical and efficient manner