Positions Management


Agvance Grain makes it easier for grain professionals to manage trading positions by providing reports to monitor cash and futures positions and maintain positions within authorized risk levels.

Features & Benefits

  • Mark to Market reports calculate unrealized gain or loss on purchase and sales contracts
  • Mark to Market reports can also calculate unrealized gain or loss on futures and options transactions
  • Trading Position reports can be run separately or combined with DPR
  • Position reports can be sent in electronic format to lenders (if necessary or required)
  • Reporting tools to confirm the value of open positions and closing transactions reported on broker statements
  • Comprehensive and flexible reporting options for purchase, sales and futures/options contracts
  • Contract Detail report provides a monthly breakdown of trading position
  • Agvance Agent automates reports and posting functions at a predetermined time with no staff input necessary

Other Agvance Grain Features

Contract Management

Manage purchase, sales and futures contracts and monitor net long/short market position with easy access to timely information.

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Grain Settlements

Agvance Grain offers a variety of tools to process grain settlements and assure accurate calculation of splits and discounts.

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Inventory / DPR

Agvance Grain makes it easy to manage grain inventory and monitor storage obligations.

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Receipts / Shipments

Agvance Grain easily manages grain receiving and shipment activity to help ensure inventory is available to meet obligations.

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