Scale Interface


The Grain Scale Interface is a powerful add-on to Agvance that can simplify scale ticket entry while improving both speed and accuracy to this key process during the harvest season. It enables users to capture weights, grade factors, and moisture from digital scales along with additional key customer data to be imported as scale tickets or shipments within Agvance Grain.

Features & Benefits

  • Tracks both inbound and outbound loads for complete scale traffic control
  • Allows scale operator to enter as little or as much information known at time of delivery
  • Provides ability to verify accuracy of information on tickets before importing into grain program
  • Enables user to apply a spot price to a selected group of inbound tickets (prior to importing)
  • Integrates with grain moisture testers to save time and ensure accurate moisture readings
  • Flexible setup for auto-numbering of documents by user, document type, inbound, outbound, etc.
  • Pre-Transfer reports available for inbound and outbound tickets
  • Can operate on a stand-alone PC connected to the scale or via the network
  • Optimized to operate with a 'touchscreen' monitor
  • Evaluated and certified by NTEP
  • RFID card reader functionality helps truck drivers quickly and efficiently complete the scale process