Mobile Job Manager

Stay Connected to Your Applicators

Mobile Job Manager is an app available in both iOS and Android and is used in conjunction with Agvance Dispatch. It enables drivers and applicators to receive and update job information on their device while communicating job status and their real-time location back to the dispatch office.


Features & Benefits

  • Dispatchers can track locations of drivers using app on GPS-equipped device
  • Work orders, messages and files can be sent from Agvance Dispatch to mobile device
  • Drivers can touch job to activate directions to navigate to job location coordinates
  • Drivers can start and complete jobs which is immediately reflected within Dispatch
  • Ticket information such as product totals and ticket status can be updated from device
  • Field and weather conditions can be recorded with custom application record
  • Electronic signature capture available for applicators to sign off on application
  • PDF of custom application sheet viewable from mobile device