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Each person learns in their own way.  While some prefer to pick up a phone, others prefer a video, written instructions, or chatting with other people in the same situation. The Agvance Community offers connections to these learning methods and provides trusted advice to answer your questions about Agvance.

Since Agvance is 100% focused on serving agriculture retailers, the Agvance Community is the perfect forum to interact with similar businesses using the same software solution to tackle some of the same situations as you do each day.  Only Agvance customers can access the Agvance Community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Did you know you can Favorite answers, videos, and discussions on Community?  Click the blue Favorite button to save items you would like to refer to frequently.  When you visit Agvance Community again, go to My Favorites on the home screen to quickly access your favorites.

Select Engage on Agvance Community to search and view members.  Also, in the Engage section, add, or join a discussion to interact and learn best practices from Agvance colleagues as well as experienced SSI staff. Edit your profile to add a photo, job title, and bio to enhance connections with others in the Community.

Another great tip about Community is to filter for Educational Pathways.  When learning new tasks in Agvance, Educational Pathways provide a grouping of resources to reference including documents, videos, eLearning lessons, and more.  For example, want to find everything there is to know on topics, such as, Mapping Resources, Analytics Web Authoring, or Grower360?  The Agvance Community has an Educational Pathway that gathers everything you need to know.  

Make sure to stop by the Community at least once a week to view the home page with the latest news, recently posted documents, and videos. New information is added daily! And of course, use the Contact Support button if you would like to submit a ticket to be contacted by our Customer Support Team.  

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Visit the Agvance Community. Do you need a login to access Agvance Community?  Email or complete the form below to request assistance.

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