Family, Trust, Team, Serve

- Core Values that Make SSI a Great Place to Work

One of our favorite questions to ask employees during a satisfaction survey is “What are some things we are doing great here?”  We are proud of the responses that show we have selected the right people to work here at SSI. Our carefully selected staff are experts in their fields and want to learn more to serve our customers better.

As all good business managers know, what really makes a company succeed are the people that believe and honor the values of your company every day.  Just like our agribusiness customers, we are producing and selling a quality product and it takes the right team to make that happen.

SSI embraces four Core Values: Family, Trust, Team, and Serve.  Dave Craft, VP Sales and Marketing says “Our Core Values make up our company culture. Our Core Values make us who we are.”  And, according to one employee, “I think the core values that were chosen are perfect for describing our company and who we are.  I think we are doing a really good job of looking for people that meet our core values.”

Here are just a few comments from SSI employees describing “what we are doing great here”,

“SSI is a highly respected employer in the community and I am glad to be a part of this company.”
“They do a great job of keeping employees informed. I feel the leadership team is very transparent, as well.”
”I am glad that our customers get great customer service. That is a contribution from all departments.”
“The training has been phenomenal. The work environment has been very positive and employees are always willing to help each other. It actually feels like a team.”
“Encouragement, appreciation, and camaraderie are just a few of the things that come to mind when I think about what SSI does well for employees.”
“I feel like SSI goes out of its way to try and engage the employees into team activities to bring a sense of friendship and togetherness to everyone. It makes it a great place to work.”

We are always looking to grow our teams. Come be a part of our story! To learn more about employment opportunities at SSI please visit

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